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Virginia Beach Shooting after Solar Storm Batters Earth

This blog documents the correlation between various current events and the geomagnetic storms caused by solar impacts to our planet.


On Wed. May 29th 2019, The Express reported that a geomagnetic storm was underway.

Space experts have claimed that a stream of “high-speed” solar winds are currently battering Earth, and the consequences could be severe. A hole has opened up in the Sun’s atmosphere, releasing the particles into deep space. Holes like this are common, and researchers say we are now in the midst of the outpouring of solar particles which will effect Earth within the next 24 hours.

Several days after that, breaking news erupted of a man lighting himself on fire outside the White House. From

The footage shows Arnav Gupta jog and then begin to walk across The Ellipse, a public park south of the White House, as his entire body is engulfed in flames. In the clip, Gupta then stops moving and stands still until authorities arrive to extinguish him.“This guy’s killing— he’s burning himself alive,” said the witness whose video was published by TMZ.

Last night the world was hit was news of another mass shooting. This time from a disgruntled employee in Virginia Beach. From the Washington Post:

The man who shot and killed 12 people at a municipal building here Friday was identified as a 15-year employee of the city Department of Public Utilities, and all but one of his victims were city employees, authorities announced Saturday.

Both of those locations are at sea level where the effects of geomagnetic storms may be more powerful then high elevations. The difference in effects in low magnetic areas vs areas with higher magnetism deserves more focus as human consciousness is affected by changes in the earths magnetic field.

This website will continue to track connections between geomagnetic storms and the human behavioral response.

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