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Solar Cycles and Personal Experiences i.e. the Changes Within a Lifetime

Alex Ansary – OTBTV.NET

I’m coming from a unique place of study that is looking at all the known effects of these geomagnetic storms and jerks in our weakening magnetic field in order to better explain the timing of key world events. (SEE VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE).

These dramatic changes range in their effects from threatening our power grid infrastructure, to influencing the outbreak of new massive wars, to spiritual experiences.

I have come to my conclusions through my own personal life experiences and inner sense as well as the available studies that I have been able to find and archive.

Humanity’s evolution forward has a distinct cycle on, cycle off effect. All these major world changes from natural disasters, to full scale riots, to social upheaval – the good and the bad – in my understanding are cyclical and follow the path of the Sun.

The dire geopolitical situation we are in has sent me looking in the direction of what’s influencing the cycles of war and peace. I have also noted a patterning of humans that logged their Chinese invasion dreams online, including a former guest and for years have been looking at the similar themes and warning signs. This collective sharing of perception of a possible event seems to be it’s own possible case study in collective remote viewing by average citizens, not the government.

I determined by 2008 or so that this potential event was suspected to occur near a solar peak and in 2013 put the spotlight on the era surrounding 2025. As we look at the potential for world war 3 between the west and the east in the near future, it’s important to know these links between geomagnetic storms and wars are documented yet have been overlooked by mainstream society and most researchers of various fields.

I’ve always been sensitive to energies, esp when there’s great change of magnetism in the air. I was born in February of 1980, several months before Mt. Saint Helens erupted. This period featured the most sunspots of that solar cycle. I’ve concluded that there’s more than one reason that the Sun is a core interest of mine I don’t think I consciously know all the reasons I’m on this path of study.

What I can say with full confidence is that the life events I have experienced in the last 39 years have been my greatest teachers as to how the cycles of the sun greatly influence patterns of experience, expression, perception and the lifetimes within our own lifetimes.

I have always felt that my life cycle or even path for some reason was lined up with the earth’s or something else, now the signs more or less point to the solar cycle. When I turned 20 in 2000, I was incredibly affected by the then very active solar cycle and was left feeling very emotional and lost before the quiet after the storm brought clarity and a sense of realization as to what my path was.

I do recall having daydreams of a future under a red sky in the mid 80s – from a  solar flare kind of event – where I grew up with my single mother in Aurora, Oregon with my grandparents on their 40 acres. I wasn’t raised religiously but my mother believed in spiritual principles to a certain degree and the energy of the mid 80s really stands out as a period like no other than made way for the things that happened later and the many places I moved to before I was even 18.

I did hold onto that waking vision of the potential of our world going through something incredible trans formative. The rise of AI and machines reading brainwaves of humans also appeared in my imagination as either our future or something ongoing. In high school in the mid 1990s some short stories for English class focused on a robot takeover of humanity by 2035.

Major things were taking place throughout my life during the solar maxima portion of the solar cycle peak of cycle 23. This subject of the human behavior response to solar flares isn’t something that I went to school to learn but something that I experienced intimately in the explosive 2000s living in Portland Oregon. Today my sights are on the 2020s where X marks the spot – a period of time of great energetic conjuncture for many reasons from survival to spiritual.

When I discovered the patterns of the solar cycle influence over so many aspects of our reality in my late 20s, it great accelerated elements of an understanding that was missing within me in both my own life as well as research into world affairs and spiritual matters. It was like the discovery of a key puzzle piece that I need to get through the next door of understanding.

I’m sharing these powerful ideas in order to help people understand how they are affected by the Sun to help them find ways to cope with the effects and to show them the ways in which the powers that be may be using the cycle and the knowledge of the Sun against us.

After a decade of focused interest in all known scientific studies that human consciousness is affected I’ve concluded that its likely possible that we can also harness the power of the sun with our minds. Numerous studies already suggest the power of collective focused intent so naturally it makes sense to wonder if we are missing something about our natural connection to the Sun that we are never taught by the consensus reality of mass consciousness. My ideas come from a place of deep study, inner knowing, and a cycle of lifetimes within lifetimes that closely follow the solar cycle even down to the months or days.

My own experience as a independent media activist and online philosopher on current affairs began several years after the solar maxima cycle of 23 of which is the unfortunate period that we saw the events of September 11th2001 manifest during the peak portion of the solar cycle, even geomagnetic activity on the day of the event itself. The changes in that solar cycle occurred as I was waking up from my own limited understanding of who I was as I was literally catapulted out of my own ‘dark ages’.

In October of 2003 the largest solar flare in some time hit the earth and it was in this time period that for some unknown reason my sciatic nerve went out and I was on a cane for a few weeks with no other suspect other than over stretching or exercising. By the Venus Transit of June 5th, 2004, something inside of me was all of a sudden empowered to take the steps I had been contemplating to take various concerns and opinions of mine about this reality to the Portland cable access airwaves and later the internet with my websites and youtube channel, meeting many people in the research community as well as the audience.

The alternative media was growing quickly after the war in Iraq began and as the intensity of the solar peak slowed down to a calmer tone. Youtube was launched during this phase of the cycle in 2006 and my own progress steadied still. The digital media social media element brought a instrumental positive new change for citizen journalists and voices not normally heard by the media or able to finance their own video streaming services.

Looking back, there was a lot of productivity in my own life as the maxima morphed into the minima despite the setback of a world thrust into a new war and growing surveillance state. It was like the energy settled down to a time space reality where we were talking about our powerful ideas or visions and working to make sense of it all while applying focus not previously expressed. Meanwhile in the streets of Portland, a calmer tone dominated the city vibes during those years until the solar cycle started up again. Late 2008 brought not only banker bailouts but snowstorms that had me stuck at home for weeks.

My discussions and writings on the Sun began as the solar minimum period came to a close. By then, I had interviewed nearly 100 guests over time, not all of which have been archived online. The experience of hosting a show for my community on cable access felt like more of spiritual experience and expression of my then transformation from the prior place in life and consciousness that I was at. However I sensed new changes for myself in the new cycle ahead, I just didn’t know what but I did begin to envision a long term idea of off grid freedom from the urban cage of Portlandia (a dream that did manifest eventually).

I began to look more directly at research about the solar cycle influence over our world esp. wars, natural disasters, battles and civil unrest as I felt changes within myself and my focus.

The news wire in the alternative media press was fresh with alarmist headlines concerned the years ahead, including 2012, but not limited to as I was about to witness a collective mindset of reactionary-ism caught up in a form of ‘catastraphobia’, not that there aren’t things to be concerned about, but rather that I believe I discovered a link between sunspot peaks and a primal fear of doom that echos on cue throughout key periods in the solar cycle.

I moved to connect the dots in a paper I authored on the changes in the Sun and the earth’s weakening magnetic field while citing the known influences on the cycles of world wars and revolutions as well as more basic changes in cognitive function. By 2010, I recall waking up from sleep as solar flares were hitting the earth and making the news. I would visitwww.spaceweather.com and www.spaceweather.gov and see on the planetary K-Index that when it was in the red or even yellow, the city of Portland had more intense protests, near riots, and drive by shootings. The effect on urban crime and war became a main topic from then on as so much content in the independent media has come from a place of concern regarding the nature in which these wars are being waged as well as their outcome or the agenda or the warmongers.

By late 2011, ‘Occupy Wall Street’ seemed empowered by the rise of the solar cycle even if the participants were unaware of the correlation. Years earlier the rise of the Tea Party could be seen on the other side of the political polarity. Political passions on all sides are clearly amplified as the cycle ramps up again.

Between 2012 and 2013 I was living off the grid in the San Luis Valley. I had no internet and spent a lot of direct time under the Sun while writing about the Sun in a region that looked like the ‘land before time.’ It was in the cold winter and spring months in a non-insulated yurt that I put together a slide show presentation on the Sun that I later traveled to Philadelphia, PA by plane to present. Im not sure if it was worth the body scanner and pat down on the way out of the city. In reflection, I can see how my dramatic off grid lifestyle shift came during a time of energetic shift and the isolation from society and the electric grid itself, while living in a yurt in the high desert, somehow brought in the focus to make the points that I did.

Since the last solar cycles peak I have had a chance to settle down again where I have been observing the social dynamics under a deep solar minimum as well as my own behavioral, emotional response as as well as the influence of the moon phases. My own periods of migration and massive change have continued to line up with the Sun’s activity and cycle phase and so have my own periods of stable living and focused research or work. Different cycles have brought different focuses or prime areas of work. Residing in different areas at different parts of the cycle bring entirely new perceptions and changes in focus as the land beneath our feet seems to have it’s own magnetism and ways of responding to the changes in the Sun and the planet’s magnetic field.

The current cycle has manifested a more evolved reality where Im working for myself sharing ideas the world is ready. The coming cycle has the potential to bring new opportunities for all of us.

Im left with a deepening confirmation that both the solar maxima and minima play off each other in a counter balance of cosmic forces. There are both positive and negative sides to the solar personalities of the various highs and lows. Having looking directly at the ongoing solar influence over planetary affairs on a conscious level, not merely subconscious, I have a greater idea and memory of how the energies intensity after periods of quiet activity or ‘the quiet before the storm’ which we are in at the moment of writing in June of 2019. Cosmic rays, induced by a deep solar minimum has been detected In northern California up 18% since 2015. Oddly enough, America has been fighting itself a whole lot more since that time period.

I believe dramatic shifts in the Sun bring dramatic shifts in the geopolitical situation as well as our inner spiritual and emotional state of being. Possessing full knowledge of our susceptibility to such changes can be redirected into personal life power by using the information to take back control of the direction of ones life and to break the necessary programming or codes, social or otherwise.

If there are ways we can better improve our lives and spirits as we go through these cycles, we should discuss them and not allow the cloud of war and the new ‘dark ages’ to prevent our inner light of knowledge from shining through the ongoing darkness of ignorance and despair.

In 2017, the notes for the presentation were turned into a ebook and the 267 slides can be found in the photo gallery of www.otbtv.tv right now. Im presently additional new information, views and studies to this blog that are not in the ebook. I will release the 100 plus pages of original notes created for the coast to coast interview on June 25th 2019. Many other ideas in the original ebook deserve revisiting and expansion in a future book of much greater length and detail. 

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