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Massive Solar Storm In 1989 Left Canada In Complete Darkness

An Amazon Prime documentary revealed details about a solar storm that managed to create a disturbance rupture into our planet’s magnetosphere. ADVOCATOR The event left Canada in complete darkness for a bit, after the solar explosion short-circuited Quebec’s power plants. Sometimes, sudden flashes of the sun, named solar flares, followed by the release of plasma from the sun’s outer layers, produce a geomagnetic storm that sends out solar wind shock waves to Earth. The waves penetrate the upper layers of our atmosphere, resulting in bright auroras. Fortunately, these events are…

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2016 Opens with Extreme Weather, Solar Storm

As 2015 fades into history, storms are triggering chaotic weather and causing severe destruction in parts of the globe. Here’s a closer look at areas most impacted: United States: Historic flooding in St. Louis, Mo., forced authorities to shut down a second major highway, Interstate 55, on Thursday morning. High water rushed southward, threatening more flooding in southern Missouri and Illinois,Tennessee and Mississippi. The flooding has left at least 20 people dead in Missouri and Illinois, mostly involving vehicles that drove onto swamped roadways. Flooding along the Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri,…

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