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Solar Cycle 25 and the Possible Geopolitical Impact

Alex Ansary – Solar Max News

Im a independent thinker taking a look at the changes in the Sun utilizing both scientific studies but other clues as well such as my own personal experiences and sensitivity itself to the changes in our reality. (SEE VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE).

Im not a expert yet Im also clarifying the uniqueness of the position im talking on how the global powers that be use the solar cycle against us – this is my own working thesis still in evolution but a seed sprouted over a decade ago. I’m also looking at how we might cope with the intensity of the times both now and what awaits ahead of us.

We are focusing our attention on the human behavior response to not only solar flares but ongoing changes to our planet’s magnetic field of which we are all connected to. 5G may complicate mental health problems greatly as solar cycle 25 gets ready to begin and later peaking around 2025.

NASA recently predicted 2025 as the expected peak year for sunspots in sunspot cycle 25. They are concerned about the cycle disrupting their moon and mars missions. They claim this forecast model shows the weakest cycle in 200 years. The maximum of this next cycle – measured in terms of sunspot numbers, could be 30-50 percent lower than the more recent one. The Sun’s grand conveyor belt’s speed has been a factor NASA has looked at in the past to try and predict cycle intensity.

The weakening earth’s magnetic field intensifies the solar radiation effect during various parts of the cycle. Acording to the SWPC, the maximum will strike no earlier than 2023 and no later than 2026, with a minimum peak sunspot number of 95 and a maximum of 130. The panel expects the end of cycle 24 and the start of cycle 25 to occur no earlier than July 2019 and no later than September 2020.

I do believe election energies play on the solar cycles and will again.

Past researchers like Alexander Chizhevsky out of Russia, 100 years ago, built us a template, a blueprint that society for the most part didn’t catch onto but I’m suggesting that the global powers that be have, that sunspots and war like behavior (and mindless fighting in the streets) are intertwined.

I believe this knowledge has been weaponized over time against free people everywhere by tyrants holding onto occultist knowledge, ultimately misusing the mysteries of the Sun. Instead of being aligned with the Sun including morally, kingdoms on earth have been known to wage wars without good purpose or meaning causing some to wonder if those lives lost during war are another form of old world human sacrifice.

This is the perfect time to review several scientific studies indicating a human response to field changes. While some humans might be experiencing a positive ‘consciousness shift’ breakthrough during fast field changes, others might respond negatively. Years of introspective thought on this general topic while living full time in nature, away from the city has lead me to conclude that many people respond less consciously and more violently when changes to the magnetic field occurs. The energies of the city seem to complicate the human energy body and brain wave frequency while nature itself contains less disharmonious frequencies.

Picture a sleepy little town somewhere out there in any town USA. And picture the moment that a seemingly well adjusted college kid takes a firearm and picks a total stranger outside a bar to target, close to the witching hour of 2:30 AM. And picture the reality that this wasn’t a super common crime for the area but it did occur right as as a geomagnetic storm was occurring after a period of quiet activity.

The reality is that this is a reality, a real headline that occurred during a real geomagnetic storm and a unknowing population which kind of adds to the horror film theme as its kind of scary seeing society unable to see its own trends as it repeats another cycle of human violence, from the more mindless and randomized to the more organized and focused. Another geomagnetic storm in May of 2019 coincided with a man lighting himself on fire outside the white house.

Talks of war with Iran intensified after the June 14th geomagnetic storm which accompanied the oil tanker explosion, another important correlation unknown to many of the people of earth.

What’s missing from the national and local dialogue is the Sun’s presence and noticeable change in one way or another as people flip out, sometimes in real time to the Sun’s cyclical pole shift – Flashback – we saw the 2013 polar vortex and cycle’s double peak as the sun’s polarity shifted. Various parts of the cycle cause shifts in human psychology whether the cycle is going up, going down, peaking, as well as the influences that the cosmic rays may play on human psychology or behavior. We do know there are health risks associated with cosmic rays and radiation, which we experience more of during the solar minimum.

It’s always been my goal to get these ideas in front of the most people but especially the very people that deal with the public the most in areas ranging from the mental health field, hospital workers, but also law enforcement, as well as journalists from the mainstream to independent that specialize in covering human affairs and major world events.

As wars have been shown to be cyclical due to the human behavioral response, the microcosm of that is fighting in the streets and all around issues regarding violence, public safety, women’s safety. Certain forms of person to person crimes, in certain regions may sharply see a rise as the cycle rises, this is what the data indicates.

On a larger scale but maybe not so far as national or global, there might be pockets of uprisings or heightened militant activity and related media content learning to one extreme direction or another regardless of country. The level of magnetism in that region (high or low) is suspected to play some kind of role in how some humans might respond more emotionally or dramatically. Susceptibility to change of the zero contour lines is described by Gregg Braden as he describes the west coast being a place of high change, for better or for worse because of the magnetics of the region, compared to the midwest, a place of slower change, different magnetism, for better or for worse. We can see the high and low points in each of the places we may have lived and contemplate some of the reasons why the vibe might change over time in key parts of the cycle.

This is where we find ourselves in a sub topic of solar research on humans. Specifically how some places might be feel either more relaxing or stressful during key periods. Some are more sensitive to magnetic changes than others for reasons not yet fully disclosed by science.

I believe the global nefarious forces of control, known and unknown, operating from government, operating from that which is beyond government, do purposely run programs or stage manage events to whip the masses up into a frenzy. I believe there is a pattern of manipulation and a general consensus on certain key historical events that have questionable official stories, some that lead to war, invasion, or worse. Some questions relate to the funding of both sides of conflicts. Even the redirecting of uprising and revolutions are likely by carefully crafted by design based on some deeper knowledge of human psychology, how to really push our emotional buttons into a point of reacting in a certain way – Problem – Reaction – Solution.

The information we have received from the likes of Anthony Sutton and others suggests a world history of manipulations at key parts of the cycle. It has been alleged that the Russian revolutions were manipulated by western bankers that played both sides. It would be ironic also that this period of the beginning of world war coincided with both a strong solar cycle and the emergence of new scientific and technological discoveries globally regarding the Sun to many other things under the Sun. The age that brought us Chizhevksy also brought Einstein and Velikovsky.

All this information leads us to examining the potential realities here on earth leading up the next solar cycle peak of 2025 as tensions with China and Russia may explode into a full scale world war. Will pattern throughout history of sunspots and wars continue as we approach the 2020s?

Solar wars 2025 is coming into focus.

If there’s a way we can avert a crisis in our own lives, we turn to the creator for guidance in helping both others as well as ourselves to survive the coming changes which may include the next wave of international battles and frenzied killing sprees.

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