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Massive Solar Storm In 1989 Left Canada In Complete Darkness

An Amazon Prime documentary revealed details about a solar storm that managed to create a disturbance rupture into our planet’s magnetosphere. ADVOCATOR The event left Canada in complete darkness for a bit, after the solar explosion short-circuited Quebec’s power plants. Sometimes, sudden flashes of the sun, named solar flares, followed by the release of plasma from the sun’s outer layers, produce a geomagnetic storm that sends out solar wind shock waves to Earth. The waves penetrate the upper layers of our atmosphere, resulting in bright auroras. Fortunately, these events are…

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FrontPage Major News during Solar Storms 

Virginia Beach Shooting after Solar Storm Batters Earth

This blog documents the correlation between various current events and the geomagnetic storms caused by solar impacts to our planet. ALEX ANSARY | SOLARMAXNEWS.COM On Wed. May 29th 2019, The Express reported that a geomagnetic storm was underway. Space experts have claimed that a stream of “high-speed” solar winds are currently battering Earth, and the consequences could be severe. A hole has opened up in the Sun’s atmosphere, releasing the particles into deep space. Holes like this are common, and researchers say we are now in the midst of the outpouring…

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