Featured Natural Events 

Solar Activity Could Cause Lightning Storms On Earth

A link has been found between storms in the atmosphere of the sun and those here on Earth, but not in the direction expected. The discovery could improve weather forecasting and save the lives of people who might otherwise be trapped in the open during electrical events. The sun spits out charged particles that hit our atmosphere two to four days later at 1.5-.2.7million kph, but it does not do so evenly. “The solar wind is not continuous, it has slow and fast streams. Because the Sun rotates, these streams…

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Cycles of War Featured 

Cycles of War or Peace are Tied to Cycles of the Sun

by Dr. Buryl Payne – National Council on Geocosmic Research A growing number of scientists, health care professionals, and concerned citizens argue that these invisible frequencies are responsible for a host of various health problems. Meanwhile, the largest polluter has gone unnoticed: the Sun. At certain times, the Sun’s activity can also aggravate mental health problems. Every 10-11 years, the number of sunspots found on our closest star rise from 0 (as it is currently in 2008) to a high of over 400. While the sunspots themselves don’t affect Earth,…

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Aurora Borealis Featured 

Aurora Borealis Could Appear on New Years Eve

This year has been definitely full of astronomical surprises. Besides all sorts of discoveries scientists have made, we were also able to see a ‘supermoon’ in September as well as a full moon on Christmas night. And now, to top it all off and finish the year with a bang, the night sky on New Year’s Eve is expected to offer us a light show. According to NASA on the 28th a sunspot cluster erupted. The eruption lead to an M-class flare heading towards the Earth. Given the extreme UV…

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Featured Solar Activity 

How Solar Flares Make Matter Move at (Nearly) the Speed of Light

Solar flares aren’t just fearsome displays of power capable of sending Earth’s technology back 200 years. They are also peculiar stellar phenomena that generate so much energy, they make particles move at nearly the speed of light. To that end, they may be models of future space travel. But how exactly they work that kind of magic stumps the scientific community. A new study published Thursday in the journal Science might have some answers. Using data gathered by the National Science Foundations’ Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array radio telescope,…

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Featured Natural Events Projections 

Sun To Go Into ‘Hibernation’ about 2030

The sun will go into “hibernation” mode around 2030, and it has already started to get sleepy. At the Royal Astronomical Society’s annual meeting in July, Professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University in the UK confirmed it – the sun will begin its Maunder Minimum (Grand Solar Minimum) in 15 years. Other scientists had suggested years ago that this change was imminent, but Zharkova’s model is said to have near-perfect accuracy. So what is a “solar minimum”? Our sun doesn’t maintain a constant intensity. Instead, it cycles in spans of…

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Featured Human Response 

Geomagnetic Storms may Influence Risk of Stroke

More strokes happen when geomagnetic storms are afoot, according to a new review of stroke literature – although it’s not clear what protective measures anyone could take, researchers said. Geomagnetic storms happen when the Earth’s magnetic field is disturbed by solar winds or coronal mass ejections, which throw out powerful magnetic fields from the sun. Among more than 11,000 people who had a stroke, the event was almost 20 percent more likely to happen on days with geomagnetic storms, researchers in New Zealand found. “The results were a big surprise…

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Spiritual Perspectives 

How Solar Flares Directly Affect Human Consciousness

Everything within this dense configuration of Reality that we call the Universe is inter-connected. Through this inter-connectedness, everything affects everything else. From the dawn of human spiritual experiences to present-day scientific discoveries, the reality of oneness and inter-connectedness has continued to permeate as a recurring aspect of existence within the vastness of what we refer to as Reality. We are realizing, with a continuously-growing conviction, that change and transformation, whether it be in society, consciousness, or otherwise is directly affected by other elements of our universe that we sometimes fail to realize have the…

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Cycles of War Featured 

False Flags and Wars are Launched During Solar Peaks

Alex Ansary – January 1st, 2013 I highly recommend taking some time to study the cycles of the sun and paying extra close attention to what is happening in the world around us. We are moving into the maximum portion of this solar cycle and if we look at  world events and society, we can see an escalation of many things (and energies) at once.   In recent news, there are fresh reports of new threats from China, Israel attacking Syria, a shooting at LAX involving a TSA worker, and…

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Featured Spiritual Perspectives 

Sadhguru: Impact of Solar Flares on Human Consciousness

Learn Sadhguru’s free guided meditation http://www.ishakriya.com/ Sadhguru, renowned Yogi and Mystic, speaks about the predictions of a coming rise in consciousness. He responds that in the coming 6 years, dynamic changes will happen in the Solar Flares (sun spots). Whenever such changes happen, phenomenal changes happen in human consciousness. He adds, however that this is not a directed change. The sun spots will definitely create some kind of volatile energy. Any volatile situation is also a possibility to craft things the way we want it. Depending on how we make…

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Featured Power Grid 

400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, EMP, and Nuclear Armageddon

There are nearly 450 nuclear reactors in the world, with hundreds more either under construction or in the planning stages. There are 104 of these reactors in the USA and 195 in Europe. Imagine what havoc it would wreak on our civilization and the planet’s ecosystems if we were to suddenly witness not just one or two nuclear melt-downs but 400 or more! How likely is it that our world might experience an event that could ultimately cause hundreds of reactors to fail and melt down at approximately the same…

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