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False Flags and Wars are Launched During Solar Peaks

Alex Ansary – January 1st, 2013

I highly recommend taking some time to study the cycles of the sun and paying extra close attention to what is happening in the world around us.

We are moving into the maximum portion of this solar cycle and if we look at  world events and society, we can see an escalation of many things (and energies) at once.   In recent news, there are fresh reports of new threats from China, Israel attacking Syria, a shooting at LAX involving a TSA worker, and multiple earthquakes around the planet. That’s just the beginning.

Some observers believe that Comet Ison has something to do with the increase in solar flares that we have seen recently.  The LA Times reports that 27 solar flares have erupted in the last 27 days and more are expected. However, geomagnetic activity has been light…at least so so far. This is the period of time that NASA expects our solar maximum to begin, a peak that could extend (at least) to 2015.

I am seeing more and more  confirmations of the cycles of war and (other changes) and their links to the cycles of the Sun.  I believe that this area deserves some serious attention.

Earlier this year on April 11th 2013, the Sun unleashed the largest solar flare of the year.

4 days later, the Boston bombing occurred.  At that time I was gathering information on the war cycles that I presented at the FYMC (Sample slides down below). This is simply  “pattern recognition” and there clearly is a pattern.  The circumstances surrounding both the Boston bombing and todays violent episode at LAX are highly unusual, to say the least. The  revelation that drills took place involving  both locations (simulating the same scenario) is unsurprising.

I am working to communicate that there is a strategy that the dark forces (behind the shadow government) are using to maximize their punch, their impact, and their goal to direct the peoples energy in the place that they would like to direct it. Unfortunately, it is not yet widely known by  most of human society the many ways our behaviors can be indirectly impacted by the geomagnetic storms caused by the Sun. This is an excellent time to brush up on the basics.

The powerful energies transmitted to our earth by the Sun are absorbed into our bodies.

Every 11 years (on average) the Sun activity peaks and there are more sunspots which release more solar flares, some of which impact us more than others. Alexander Chizhevsky and so many others have produced statistical data proving that there is a direct correlation between the start of wars and sunspot activity. From the data that has been made available over the years, I have compiled put together the following charts that show periods of unrest,  conflict, and other battles throughout the last few hundred years.

I am calling your attention to the solar / war cycle connection at this time to assist you in seeing the patterns.

You might also come to realize that certain events are staged or manufactured to provoke a certain reaction during these times. There are many reasons for manufactured conflict as well as dissent from the point of view of the controllers.  Meanwhile the very wars humanity is duped into are ultimately engineered to enslave humanity while the orchestrators  to earn a monumental profit at the cost of innocent lives.

I don’t think that these patterns mean that the Sun is sole or direct cause of warlike behavior but is a indirect, or subtle influence. It functions more like a catalyst that moves whatever energy is there.  Energy is energy and if the energy is not flowing right there is a out of balance situation. Today, there are many human beings living out of balance and disconnected from their higher selves, nature, each other, and the universe.

When the Sun changes by reaching it’s end or beginning of a new cycle, so do human beings on some level.   Those that are out of balance act out and are easier to control. Those that are in balance are more able to remain calm and in control of their own senses and actions.  These are things to think about now as we are impacting by these changes.

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