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New Year’s Geomagnetic Storm

NEW YEAR’S GEOMAGNETIC STORM: 2016 began with an explosion–not only of fireworks, but also auroras. On Jan. 1st, a G2-class geomagnetic storm sparked bright lights around the poles as revelers around the world were ringing in the New Year. In Glenfarg, Scotland, fireworks crackled against a backdrop of green: “Our neighbours let off some fireworks for the New Year,” says photographer Stuart Walker. “They were modest compared to the organized display in Edinburgh, but looked great alongside the ongoing aurora.” The storm was the result of a CME strike on…

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Aurora Borealis Featured 

Aurora Borealis Could Appear on New Years Eve

This year has been definitely full of astronomical surprises. Besides all sorts of discoveries scientists have made, we were also able to see a ‘supermoon’ in September as well as a full moon on Christmas night. And now, to top it all off and finish the year with a bang, the night sky on New Year’s Eve is expected to offer us a light show. According to NASA on the 28th a sunspot cluster erupted. The eruption lead to an M-class flare heading towards the Earth. Given the extreme UV…

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