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Sunspots and the 1947 Roswell Crash


Just prior to midnight on July 4, 1947 in a scarcely populated area southeast of Corona, New Mexico, a mysterious object apparently disintegrated in the sky, scattering pieces of debris over a wide area of scrub brush and desert ranchland. About thirty-five miles away in the Capitan Mountains and about fifty miles west of Roswell, New Mexico, a second and much heavier object, thought to be connected with the debris found on the ranchland, crashed into the rocks and boulders along the lower north slope of the mountains creating what is sometimes called the Archaeologist’s Site or the Pine Lodge Road Impact Site.

The heavier object was neither meteor nor conventional aircraft, but what some have come to believe was a UFO, an Unidentified Flying Object, a flying saucer or flying disc if you like, which since has become known as the ROSWELL UFO. On Tuesday, July 8, 1947 the local paper printed a story that a crashed flying saucer had been found on a nearby ranch. The very next day the same local newspaper, the Roswell Daily Record, July 9, 1947, after what has been reported as undue influence from the military, basically retracted the story, saying it was not a saucer or disc, but a weather balloon.

According to the Roswell Incident: Updated and elsewhere, two months later, in September, 1947, famed meteorite hunter and scientist Dr. Lincoln La Paz from the University of New Mexico and the founder of the Institute of Meteoritics, and who, while on leave from Ohio State during World War II, served as Research Mathematician at the New Mexico Proving Grounds and as Technical Director, Operations Analysis Section, for the Second Air Force, was selected by the U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence Corps to determine the speed, direction, and trajectory of the craft prior to its crash down — unusual for an object that officially was construed to be no more than a slow moving wind-borne weather device.

Regardless of the officially released party line, the problem for La Paz was twofold. First, he was used to figuring out the trajectories of meteors, so his approach was somewhat unorthodox compared to determining flight paths of aircraft. Secondly, the military recovery teams had done their jobs so well eliminating or smoothing over the sites and creating reluctant witnesses it was difficult initally for him to pinpoint much of anything, accurate trejectory or otherwise. To get around the reluctant witness problem La Paz interviewed a fairly large number of spanish speaking people in and around the general Roswell-Corona area, especially along the suspected flight path, a group that was somehow collectively overlooked by the powers that be. As for the other part, La Paz brought in a mysterious bio-searcher (see) who knew southwest indiginous plants intimately, in order to have him determine if and where any of the growth may have been moved, removed, replanted or tampered with. It was a long and time consuming job covering a span of many days, but eventually the trajectory was figured out. With the trajectory finally in the hands of La Paz and his cohorts they were able to physically backtrack along the flight path. In the process they came across a previously unknown and totally undisturbed area where plants on both sides of a wide swath were wilted and burned, sand fused to glass, and the surface radiating a slight blue hue similar in color to the blue of a swimming pool. No slight blue hue to the ground surface had been observed or reported previously at either the debris field or the impact site, raising the specter that both sites had been reworked. More importantly, the wide swath along the desert floor at the new site was directly in line with the debris field and the Capitan Mountains impact site.

Many, many years later, in a meeting unrelated to any of the above, a discussion between La Paz and the bio-searcher turned to the events at Roswell. The meeting occurred late one afternoon or evening over coffee (beers?) at Clines Corners at the intersection of Route 285 and old Route 66 (now I-40) some 60 miles east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. In conversation with the bio-searcher La Paz concluded the object that went down in the dark that night over New Mexico was an unoccupied probe from another planet. The bio-searcher speculated at most it was probably a Sputnik type thing, an artificial satellite, which at the time of the conversation was a relatively new reality for almost everybody, but some ten years before, in 1947, was something nobody ever heard of — AND probably why nobody could figure out what it was — rather than an entry probe of some type. More than likely its orbit began decaying, it started dragging the upper atmosphere, then broke apart scattering the lightweight and apparently what was left over unburnable material, including a few pieces described as I-beams inscribed with Hieroglyphic Writing, all over the desert floor. The much larger and heavier object, possibly a shuttle craft, entry vehicle, remote control drone, or unmanned search unit of some sort, ending up on the side of the Capitan Mountains, going down for unknown reasons in an effort to locate or retrieve the downed satellite — AND no doubt, the primary reason for so much radar activity reported over the central New Mexico area in the days preceding the crash. The bio-searcher suggests to La Paz it was quite possible the craft may have landed previously, and maybe even on more than one occasion to pick up or obtain the most important material or parts, thus the reason why only so much of nothing but scraps and pieces remained at the debris field. (source)

The question is, if it was an artifical satellite of some type WHY did its orbit began decaying and start dragging the upper atmosphere? If it was of non-Earth origin why wouldn’t the technology of whoever or whatever put it into orbit be at such a level that such an occurrance would not happen? We put satellites into orbit around the Moon, Mars, and other planets regularly nowdays, but we always do so remotely. And when we do, we put them into place taking into consideration the various space and space related environmental factors as they exist at the moment, or at least, to the best of our ability to predict. Plus, there is always a half time and round trip time delay between the communication control factor at the receiving end and back that must be considered. The same would probably be true for whoever or whatever was responsible for what came down over Roswell.

At the time of the reported crash the Sun was just at the peak of its sunspot cycle and that year, 1947, the largest sunspot ever recorded on the surface of the Sun appeared, lasting for months, an event that may not have been built into any orbital equation. If you look at the graph below you will see how large it was and how much larger it was over any previous time or since:

So, what does that have to do with anything? Areas on the Sun near sunspots often flare up, heating material to millions of degrees in just seconds, causing Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) which blast billions of tons of ionized gas into space millions of miles per hour. If the gas bundle goes off at the right spot on the sun so it can intercept the Earth it can set off geomagnetic storms that can damage satellites in space and shut down electrical power and power grids.[1]

The Sun is also the source of the solar wind; a flow of gases from the Sun that streams past the Earth at speeds of more than a million miles per hour. Disturbances in the solar wind shake the Earth’s magnetic field and pump energy into the radiation belts.

The largest sunspot ever recorded. It stayed active for months in 1947.

The solar wind and space plasma storms induce massive electrical currents that can affect power systems. In 1989 a massive solar storm was the genesis of currents in the northeastern part of the North American continent that caused a failure in the Hydro-Quebec power system depriving six million people of power for over nine hours in Canada and the United States. The same storm expanded the upper atmosphere and increased drag on a NASA satellite, although NASA was able to recover it before it re-entered the atmosphere. Recovering the orbit in the Roswell case was not so successful, most likely because of time delay and possible disruption of electronic communication by CME’s, allowing the object to start dragging the upper atmosphere and break apart before anything could be done about it, not too dissimilar to the scenario presented by the bio-searcher above, in his discussion with La Paz.(see)

All well and good perhaps, but even if the assessment by the bio-seacher is accurate there is still the question of where the object came from. La Paz leans toward it being an unmanned probe from another planet, the bio-searcher leans in another direction, but at the meeting that night no claim is made by him as to where his feelings are as to where it came from.

However, in Roswell Incident Updated, the bio-searcher makes the case that the object that went down is not necessarily extraterrestrial — although it could be — but in his estimation, primarily because of questions raised by the Drake Equation and similar or like scenarios, most likely a product of a TIME WARP, or similarly, although not quoted by him, a WORMHOLE.

Wormholes, although theoretical, are ‘tunnels’ or shortcuts predicted by Einstein’s theory of relativity that link two places in space-time — as visualized above — where negative energy pulls space and time into the mouth of a tunnel, emerging in another time or place in the universe, or possibly even another universe. Wormholes remain hypothetical but have been used in science fiction and films as conduits for time travel, for example as found in the movie Time Bandits (1981), where their locations are shown on a celestial map.(see)

If you follow the thread on the bio-searcher you will find he knew Albert Einstein. Through that association, in his own way, not only was the bio-searcher familar with Einstein’s theories of relativity but, for a layperson, quite well versed in them. Using insights into the theories he comes up with an answer to the object’s origin similar to Wernher von Braun’s mentor, mathematician and physicist, Dr. Hermann Oberth who suggests, albeit some years later, that the Roswell craft should not be considered a spacecraft but a Time Machine.

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