Comparing UFO Reporting Numbers with Sunspot Counts 1940-2017

I feel that the Sun plays a role in boosting paranormal occurrences on earth and am going to share both charts and let you decide.



During the second World War, most UFO sightings were dismissed as wartime rockets.

After the crash and cover up in Roswell, New Mexico, people realized that they couldn’t just trust the government’s explanations anymore. Combine that with the paranoia of the Cold War, and everyone was seeing UFOs everywhere.

So, were aliens busier on earth in the 40s and 50s, or are they just better covered up now? Here’s a graph to help you see just how common UFO sightings have been in the US for the last 80 years.

This chart of UFO reporting indicating the years of most activity. Does it match the highs and lows of at least a few solar cycles?

The next chart is a fairly recent solar cycle chart showing where we have been since 1940 and moving into where we are now in the cycle at the moment of posting.

The sharper increase in reporting UFOs seem to match the highs in the 2nd graphic. Also the drop off in solar activity after 1980 also shows a drop off in UFO reporting. While the charts dont perfectly match, there is enough of a correlation to share this thought.

Did you know? The 1947 Roswell crash occurred after a giant record sunspot appeared months earlier.

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