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What are the Health Effects of Cosmic Rays on the Human Body?

Cosmic rays are energetic particles (not actually rays) traveling rapidly through space. WISEGEEK.COM They are everywhere, and several dozen slam into your body every second. These cosmic rays are too low-energy to cause any serious health effects, aside from a few genetic mutations, and cosmic rays are in fact one of the drivers of evolution. Your body receives about 2.4 mSv (milliSieverts) of radiation caused by the effects of cosmic rays every year. For comparison, it takes about 1 Sievert of radiation in a short time to cause nausea, and about…

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Comparing UFO Reporting Numbers with Sunspot Counts 1940-2017

I feel that the Sun plays a role in boosting paranormal occurrences on earth and am going to share both charts and let you decide. ALEX ANSARY | SOLARMAXNEWS.COM From During the second World War, most UFO sightings were dismissed as wartime rockets. After the crash and cover up in Roswell, New Mexico, people realized that they couldn’t just trust the government’s explanations anymore. Combine that with the paranoia of the Cold War, and everyone was seeing UFOs everywhere. So, were aliens busier on earth in the 40s and…

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Projections Solar Activity 

Our Sun’s Mysterious 11-Year Cycle Appears to Be Driven by Alignment of The Planets

Every 11 years, the Sun cycles through from riotous flare and sunspot activity to a quieter period, before ramping up again. SCIENCE ALERT It’s almost as regular as clockwork, and for years astronomers have been wondering what causes it. Now, they’ve proposed a new solution. Even though the Solar System’s planets are much smaller than the Sun, the gravity of some of them is able to influence our star’s magnetic field. This, the researchers assert, is what controls the solar cycle. Venus, Earth, and Jupiter assert a small gravitational tug…

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FrontPage Major News during Solar Storms Power Grid 

Massive Solar Storm In 1989 Left Canada In Complete Darkness

An Amazon Prime documentary revealed details about a solar storm that managed to create a disturbance rupture into our planet’s magnetosphere. ADVOCATOR The event left Canada in complete darkness for a bit, after the solar explosion short-circuited Quebec’s power plants. Sometimes, sudden flashes of the sun, named solar flares, followed by the release of plasma from the sun’s outer layers, produce a geomagnetic storm that sends out solar wind shock waves to Earth. The waves penetrate the upper layers of our atmosphere, resulting in bright auroras. Fortunately, these events are…

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FrontPage Major News during Solar Storms 

Virginia Beach Shooting after Solar Storm Batters Earth

This blog documents the correlation between various current events and the geomagnetic storms caused by solar impacts to our planet. ALEX ANSARY | SOLARMAXNEWS.COM On Wed. May 29th 2019, The Express reported that a geomagnetic storm was underway. Space experts have claimed that a stream of “high-speed” solar winds are currently battering Earth, and the consequences could be severe. A hole has opened up in the Sun’s atmosphere, releasing the particles into deep space. Holes like this are common, and researchers say we are now in the midst of the outpouring…

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FrontPage Projections 

Scientists tackle a burning question: When will our quiet sun turn violent?

For all of February the sun is nearly spotless, a smooth circle filled in with a goldenrod crayon. SCIENCEMAG.ORG It has been more than a decade since it was so lacking in sunspots—dark magnetic knots as big as Earth that are a barometer of the sun’s temperament. Below the surface, however, a radical transition is afoot. In 5 years or so, the sun will be awash in sunspots and more prone to violent bursts of magnetic activity. Then, about 11 years from now, the solar cycle will conclude: Sunspots will…

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Solar Activity 

Sun’s Exotic ‘Lighthouse’ Pulses Captured on Camera for First Time

SPACE.COM Scientists have finally captured some exotic solar activity on camera. A new study gives photographic proof that a substance called plasma on the sun sends out radio light in pulses, much like a lighthouse flashing its beam on Earth. Plasma, which makes up most of the sun, is often called the “fourth state of matter,” coming after the more familiar forms of solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is an electrically conductive gas that occurs when negatively charged electrons are stripped from the gas in a process known as ionization.…

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‘Monster’ explosions on the sun will ‘become more common’, Nasa warns

The sun will be rocked by an increased number of gigantic ‘monster’ explosions in the coming years, Nasa has warned. METRO Eruptions from the face of our star are called ‘prominences’ and cause vast amounts of superhot gas to shoot into space, often forming beautiful loops on the solar surface. The sun is about to reach a low point of activity called the solar minimum when the number of flares and sunspots and flares is dramatically reduced. Climate change deniers are known to hail this stage of the sun’s natural…

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Power Grid 

Texas Lawmakers Pass Measure to Protect Electric Grid From Cyber Attacks, Solar Storms

Cyber attacks. A solar storm. Sabotage and terrorist activity. THEHAYRIDE.COM An electromagnetic pulse of some variety. A yet-unthinkable nuclear blast from a rogue international actor. Or even just the Texas weather. The Texas electric delivery grid is vulnerable, but the Texas Legislature is close to taking the first steps to protect it. SB 475 by Sen. Kelly Hancock, which establishes the Texas Electric Grid Security Council, passed the House easily on Tuesday with no controversy and is on its way to the Governor’s desk following a few procedural steps. “This is…

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Jupiter’s Magnetic Field is Changing

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has detected changes in Jupiter’s magnetic field, making it the first planet known to share this feature with Earth. INSIDE SCIENCE For the first time in history, humans have detected a changing magnetic field on a planet other than our own — Jupiter. The latest revelation could help scientists better understand how a planet’s magnetic field changes over time. The discovery was made by NASA’s Juno spacecraft, named after the Roman goddess — mother of Mars and wife of Jupiter. According to NASA, scientists chose the name…

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