Power Grid 

Texas Lawmakers Pass Measure to Protect Electric Grid From Cyber Attacks, Solar Storms

Cyber attacks. A solar storm. Sabotage and terrorist activity. THEHAYRIDE.COM An electromagnetic pulse of some variety. A yet-unthinkable nuclear blast from a rogue international actor. Or even just the Texas weather. The Texas electric delivery grid is vulnerable, but the Texas Legislature is close to taking the first steps to protect it. SB 475 by Sen. Kelly Hancock, which establishes the Texas Electric Grid Security Council, passed the House easily on Tuesday with no controversy and is on its way to the Governor’s desk following a few procedural steps. “This is…

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Solar Activity Space Weather 

Will Geomagnetic Reversal Effects Cause a Worldwide Blackout?

Geomagnetic reversal effects are natural and spectacular, but they could also destroy the world as we know it. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED BY NORTHROP GRUMAN While that may sound dramatic, renowned science journalist Alanna Mitchell’s book “The Spinning Magnet“ revealed that the next time Earth’s magnetic field flips, it could seriously damage the electric infrastructure that defines our modern civilization. What is an Electromagnetic Field? While magnetism is fascinating, it has also been historically misunderstood. According to Physics.org, Earth’s magnetic field exists because the planet’s solid iron core is surrounded by liquid metal. According…

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