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Solar Cycle 25 and the Possible Geopolitical Impact

Alex Ansary – Solar Max News Im a independent thinker taking a look at the changes in the Sun utilizing both scientific studies but other clues as well such as my own personal experiences and sensitivity itself to the changes in our reality. (SEE VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE). Im not a expert yet Im also clarifying the uniqueness of the position im talking on how the global powers that be use the solar cycle against us – this is my own working thesis still in evolution but a seed sprouted…

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Spiritual Perspectives 

Solar Flares and Human Potential when the SHTF

ALEX ANSARY – OTBTV.NET Alexander Chizhevsky was one of the first to hypothesize that solar storms drive humanity mad and often into battles and bloody conflicts as he examined 2500 years of solar cycles and periods of war and peace. A mounting body of scientific evidence now suggests the Sun affects more than our weather adding credence to his early 20th century discovery. For over a decade, I have been gathering data on the effects of the Sun over human consciousness and will soon be sharing new information on the…

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