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Solar Flares and Human Potential when the SHTF


Alexander Chizhevsky was one of the first to hypothesize that solar storms drive humanity mad and often into battles and bloody conflicts as he examined 2500 years of solar cycles and periods of war and peace. A mounting body of scientific evidence now suggests the Sun affects more than our weather adding credence to his early 20th century discovery.

For over a decade, I have been gathering data on the effects of the Sun over human consciousness and will soon be sharing new information on the new Caltech study which confirms evidence that humans do indeed sense and respond to changes in magnetic fields.

What does this mean for humanity as our planet’s weakening magnetic field shifts opens our world up further to the effects of the Sun?

How might the global ‘powers that be’ be covertly manipulating world affairs strategically aligned with particular phases of the solar cycle in order to control the direction of society? Will the United States go to war with China and Russia near the peak of solar cycle 25?

Is there anything we can do during these times to mediate the effects of solar flares on the human body?

The power of collective prayer and thought is widely believed to have a effect on reality but what if that ability was focused in specific ways during a geomagnetic storm to try and affect an outcome like the survival of the group or another specific outcome?

My commentary and opinions are continuing today where those that came before me left off with a unique way of connecting the Sun with everything that happens under the Sun in our world today.

This information compliments years of late night radio programs that have already been covering various mysteries of our world from the Sun, to the quest for evidence of intelligence life beyond our own, to various theories on how the powers that be maintain their control over earth…whoever they really are.

My ebook connects dots not previously connected and this info comes as we approach the dawn of solar cycle 25 as we sit in the quiet before the storm in our current deep solar minimum.

Navigating safely through the Solar Wars of the 2020s as Magnetic Field Reversal Amplifies Threats to the Power Grid

Could today’s advancement of solar research and what we know about its effects on human consciousness and collective synchronization be turned to in a time of emergency or invasion?

A collective synchronization of thought has previously been documented in various studies including one from Princeton University. It’s been suggested that the human emotion of fear during the 9/11/01 attacks may have influenced the earth’s magnetic field during the actual moments of the ‘attack’.

What if this powerful energy was focused rather than a river uncontrolled reactionary emotion from the madness of crowds?

Human myth is rich with folktales of collective efforts making noticeable changes in society. Dion Fortune’s magical battle of Britain describes a collective of humans fusing their mental and spiritual energies together to counter the black magic of the Nazis of World War II operating out of their own castle grey-skull in Germany.

Art Bell of Coast to Coast AM would speak often of this collective force and what he believed it could do. In fact he said it scared him so he said he never experimented again with the power of the collective.

How might the human collective already be shaping reality ‘as it is’ whether they believe they are or not?

The miracle humanity may create for itself in the future will likely include a focus on harnessing the power of the Sun in order to heal ourselves and ultimately to survive the coming challenges that we will likely face down on the ground in the human world after grid collapse. The Sun will be shown to continue to provide for the human species if it’s behavior in the future does fry every computer chip on earth.

I propose that the ‘powers that be’ specialize in projecting their twisted world view into our world thus a collapse of this system is their fear. Humanity is responsible for reconnecting back with the giver of all life here on earth without fear of catching some disease.

Alexander Chizhevsky takes us outside the box and into the world of pattern recognition with his studies during WW1 on the known links between solar cycles and wars. With this template of an understanding, like new updated operating software within the hardwired body mind machine, we can see today what he saw then while monitoring the Sun with totally new means of real time digital monitoring.

I perceive the ‘powers that be’ to be engaging in a global conspiracy to stage manage the next third world war (#ww3) and “they” may not be planning for the US to have a victory, at least not right away. In 2013, I gave a solar cycle geopolitical forecast at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia, PA that this conflict would likely be engineered near the peak of the upcoming solar cycle 25.

Today the peak is estimated to occur in the time range between 2023-2026.

2025 has been a central time frame of focus for not only myself but the world powers that are preparing new high tech weapons for this conflict.

Today’s debates over gun laws was also spoken of in that 2013 presentation as another form of controlled division over the people used to distract and drain societies energy.

While some may scoff at the use of the term ‘collectivist’ to describe themselves, the irony is that the large scale political left / right groups in operation today often falsely call anyone that doesn’t agree with them their political enemy. That is collective group think and its more mainstream than what the average human will admit at present.

I sense this is why propaganda, social engineering programs, wars, and other controlled events are orchestrated during solar peaks (solar maximum) in order to capture our energy and imagination and if turned evil, ultimately our souls. The battle for our soul is escalating through world events that are aimed to control or influence human reactions.

Waking up to this kind of reality can also show someone the current nature of spiritual deception over the collective body of mankind. Speaking about it to others can be problematic. Sci-fi

Humanity as a focused force can deliver the knockout blow to the dark grid.

This kind of situation can be compared to Murdock being stalked by the ‘Strangers’ (archons) in the 1998 Dark City movie as he walked alone in a sleeping metropolis as the clock hand of time came to a deal stop. He found himself wide awake in his own artificial reality and thus hunted as a result for the powers of his mind became very attractive to the strangers. In the Matrix movie, Neo wakes up screaming in a futuristic human slave pod as wakes up in the real world. Truman awakens to the unusual patterns in his reality and attempts to seek to escape his own white picket fence fashioned nightmare and finally see the land of ‘Fiji’ for himself if only the world would stop trying to stop him. Each of the characters goes though their own tribulation to become the powerful beings that they are.

My personal life has always had strange encounters with, what at times, I have perceived to be the paranorma. It wouldn’t be after the release of my 2013 solar flare talk and my 2017 ebook (especially) that attempts to cause turmoil or drama manifested at a rate not previously witnessed while back reporting for a decade in Portland. It’s now my understanding that I have been tested up until this point and it’s not over. I am going through the age old tradition of demonstrating what my core values, ideas and message is even if the concepts are still a bit confusing, frightening or too unbelievable to the mainstream prototype personality.

Now I see the potential events closing in as we cross the threshold into our new 2020 vision, I feel my role is to give people the tools they need to truly weather the coming space weather of our lives.

Humanity can likely create a powerful miracle for itself through focused intention at the same time, on the same thing, and during intensive geomagnetic storms and or other events.

I’m putting the bullseye on the solar storms for the good people of earth that might be able to do something better with the knowledge of the solar influence over human affairs than the ‘powers that be’ are doing with it. As far as I’m concerned the bad guys in both human and non human form, are fully aware of how the human biological system really works. I have always felt like I could see what they see or are plotting to do to humanity in the archonic grand chessboard in the harvest for souls.

In my own life, I have felt strong connection to flashing internal images of the Sun’s activity, also interpreted in the past as a vision of watching a Sun go into hyperactivity over a red sky while looking down from a hill at a violent world of chaos and conflict. Today all my life’s experiences and perspectives are coming together as we approach the beginning of Solar cycle 25 in only a few years time.

Several studies produced after my ebook was written deserve a brief mention. In 1967 a solar storm almost triggered war between Russia and the United States when it was believed that the blackout was caused by a military attack. Could this happen again?

Also, between 1958 and 1962, the US government found they could affect the earth’s magnetic field in small subtle ways by blowing things up in the upper atmosphere. However additional studies seem unavailable. What did they discover that they didn’t tell us?

It is now in 2019 that Caltech and the University of Tokyo has found scientific evidence between brainwave states and changes in magnetism in the environment and this validates years of commentary on this subject and continues to pave the wave for more studies in the future as humanity reawakens to its true connection to the cosmos.

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