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Understanding Sunspots and Activist, Protest Strategy

By Carol Moore – revised on January 2011 In the mid-1980s, writing in two small radical publications, I predicted the dissolution of the Soviet Union and freedom for eastern Europe for the exact month that it did in fact happen. I did not predict it specifically for November of 1989. I predicted it for the height of the next eleven year sunspot cycle. The height occurred in November of 1989. And, as this article argues, this was no coincidence. For sunspots give off solar flares that increase negative ionization on…

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It is theorized that paranormal entities (ghosts, spirits etc) are at least in part based on or composed of energy. LONG ISLAND PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS Originally written sometime in 2006. This theory is strongly supported as many encounters with the paranormal coincide with measurements of relatively high or unusual energy levels (electrical, magnetic, thermal etc) at the same time and location. It is theorized that entities somehow tap into available ambient sources of energy, drawing on them to help constitute and manifest themselves. We typically think of energy in the form of electricity.…

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