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Did Solar Flares Trigger the London Riots?

When it comes to factors that triggered the London riots, theories abound: Police brutality, unemployment, and “moral collapse” have all been blamed for the violence, burning, and looting that consumed London last week. But some scientists are finger-pointing skyward, suggesting that the sun could have driven the unrest, as well as last week’s wild stock market fluctuations. A series of powerful solar flares – sometimes known as geomagnetic storms – hit the earth last week, and there’s some evidence that the solar storms can have a profound effect on human…

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Understanding Sunspots and Activist, Protest Strategy

By Carol Moore – revised on January 2011 In the mid-1980s, writing in two small radical publications, I predicted the dissolution of the Soviet Union and freedom for eastern Europe for the exact month that it did in fact happen. I did not predict it specifically for November of 1989. I predicted it for the height of the next eleven year sunspot cycle. The height occurred in November of 1989. And, as this article argues, this was no coincidence. For sunspots give off solar flares that increase negative ionization on…

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