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Beyond Warring Behavior

by Buryl Payne


This paper is about the study of the Sun and humanity’s interaction with it.  Ancient people worshiped the Sun and recognized it as the source of all life. Over time,this knowledge was forgotten and ignored in the search for day to day land resources and people to conquer.  Humans have acquired beliefs in lesser powers while the Sun, our source of all life, continues to bathe the Earth in its radiance, giving warmth and life.

This paper, based on the work of many others, illustrates that humans owe their existence to the Sun’s radiance and yet we humans by organized thought, can affect processes of the Sun.  This booklet gives the evidence and implies that human consciousness has reached another step, that of being a partner with the Sun, in living together in this solar system. The work described in this booklet can help all humankind advance to that level.  Is it an end? The Omega Point in evolution described by de Chardin? Or is it another beginning?

Three separate studies of the effects of meditation were analyzed.

1. The first experiment involved attempting to lift the space station called “Sky lab” into a higher orbit. The unexpected results showed that sunspot numbers decreased about 30%. The density of the atmosphere became less, and the space station stayed in orbit about two weeks longer than predicted, crashing harmlessly into the ocean.

2. The second experiment involved asking people around the planet to meditate on primarily four dates each year; solstices and equinoxes. Known as “The Global Meditation Project”, it started in 1984 and continued until mid 1988. On the day of the meditations or immediately afterwards, sunspot numbers significantly decreased nearly every time.

3. The third analysis was of sunspot numbers at or immediately after full Moon meditations done by groups around the globe. The data again showed consistent reductions in sunspot numbers at the times of the meditations or just after.
The projects, carried out over 30 years, clearly shows that meditations are associated with reduced sunspot numbers. This may represent a quantum leap in human consciousness leading to the formation of a new kind of metaconscious entity on Earth.

Warring Behavior

Warring behavior is not just human nature; it is the male analog of PMS in woman, called MMS or Male Macho Syndrome; a hormone imbalance in some people produced by heightened solar activity which is predictable by planetary positions.

Wars could be called a mass pathology, a psychotic behavior or a disease! Wars are insane behavior, triggered by planetary influences and solar activity.

People who supervise mental hospitals don’t let psychotic patients have weapons. Yet other people allow and justify wars, train young men to kill others, and support the invention, manufacture and sale of weapons just for that purpose.

Manufacturers thrive because there is so much money to be made, especially by selling weapons to both sides! Seemingly thousands of sane, healthy, reasonable people do this.

This is crazy behavior! It’s beyond hypocritical. It’s a form of madness. But why?

Georges Gurdjieff, an influential metaphysical teacher, explains that war is the result of planetary influences. He said: “when two or three planets pass too near each other, even for a few seconds, tension results. For the planets, the tension lasts perhaps a second or two, but here on Earth, the influence causes people to slaughter one another for several years.

People affected at the time feel hatred for one another and feel the need to kill each other for some exalted purpose; or to defend somebody or something due to exaggerated feelings of pride and nobility, or to act upon some other unrealistic and manic urge or endeavor. People fail to realize to what an extent they are mere pawns in the game.

They believe they are choosing their actions. But in reality, all their movements, all their actions, are the manipulation of planetary influences. The Moon plays a big part in this. It must be understood that neither the president, nor the generals, nor the ministers, nor the parliaments, signify anything or can do anything on the grandiose scale of things.

Everything that happens is largely governed from outside and governed either by accidental combinations of influences or by general cosmic laws” (in “In Search for the Miraculous” by P. D. Ouspensky.) When I first read this in the early 50’s, I thought it was just speculation.

Thirty years later, I helped prove that humans could avoid these influences. Now, another thirty later, I am writing what planets are involved in these influences and what likely times they might again exert their influences.

Wars ought to be considered a type of psychosis rather than caused by social, political, territorial, or economic factors. After all, how could rational human beings, who are capable of creating beautiful art, music, useful technology, and are usually so friendly and good natured, organize in groups of ‘them’ and ‘us’ to kill one another?

The term ‘war fever’ has been used to describe such behavior, but any objective viewer would label it ‘unsane’ or ‘psychotic’.

If warring behavior is perceived as a subtle type of mass psychosis, then the means for dealing with it become different from those traditionally employed — which haven’t worked very well.

A similar kind of psychosis seems to occur at times within the family or between individuals. Moon madness or lunatics are terms used to describe the kind of nuttiness that sometimes occurs around the full moon. A few people become mildly psychotic at other times of the month as well, but because such events are not as regular as the Moon’s cycles they are largely overlooked or ascribed to ‘human nature’.

When this viewpoint is uncritically taken as a ‘truth’ of our existence it prevents further examination. Careful observations, repeatedly made, indicate that times of aberrant behavior, family discord, or increased street crime, most often occur when there are magnetic storms or solar flares.

A few years ago when a large magnetic storm occurred, a man killed 22 people at a MacDonald’s restaurant.

The same evening my lover became so angry she threw a large rock at me, bruising my ankle. In retaliation I twisted her arm, and hurt it. We were both acting nutty and I felt badly afterwards. I am usually a calm and serene person and rarely lose my temper.

As another example, one day the my research technician came late to work, saying he and his lover had been having a rough time that morning; a couple who were house guests were fighting, and my lady and I were also at sixes and sevens. Even the two cats in the house were fighting! They never fought before.

Later I learned that Mt. St. Helens had erupted, and that there were large riots in Miami and Korea. Ten days later I received data from NOAA showing that there was a large magnetic storm on that date.

Reference to the planetary tables showed that Earth and Uranus were aligned on the same side of the Sun. And the Moon was conjunct with Venus. The biochemistry of all living matter and even the Earth itself can be affected by such planetary alignments. Events like this repeatedly happen, although the correspondences are seldom noticed.

For example, the same day the Falkland Islands war began (April 2, 1982), El Chitlon erupted. So did another large volcano in Indonesia. There were ice storms on the East coast, 8 people died of exposure, and in New Zealand a terrific storm occurred which resulted in several deaths.

Earth, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto were almost in line and Jupiter was about 12° out of this line up. Data like this can be repeated over and over. The solar system works as a whole. We humans are mere pawns in a gigantic planetary chess game.

There is a connection between international battles and interpersonal human upsets. The planets move into alignments, solar flares erupt, magnetic storms occur on Earth, and people respond. Many observations by many researchers have confirmed pieces of this dynamic whole, and the sum of all their work cannot be dismissed, even though individual studies may have their inadequacies. Of course, it’s not the whole truth, but it is important, and is largely unknown.

In astrology, the Sun is considered a male influence, and the Moon, female. PMS is a well known type of mild psychosis which affects some women each month; often in phase with the lunar cycle. The 11 year cycle of male madness is not so well known because the time span is so much longer.

Analogous to PMS I have named it: MMS or Male Macho Syndrome. Testosterone levels probably increase at these times.

Alexander Tchivesky, a Russian scientist, noted a connection between solar activity and wars in 1915.

He spoke of it publicly and would not recant his work when asked to do so. Stalin put him in prison for over five years!

In 1930’s, Raymond Wheeler, a professor at the University of Kansas found that international battles occurred in cycles as far back in time as he could find reliable data, which was 2,500 years ago. He used the term “battles” as it was clearer than the term “wars” and measured the severity of the battles on a scale from one to three, so he could quantify them and construct graphs.

During the time which sunspots have been reliably observed, there were six sunspot cycles during which no major battles occurred. There was only one time when warring behavior occurred between solar peaks and EIGHTEEN times when wars started a year or two before sunspots peaked, or a year or two after, counting 1998-99 and 2003.

At no time did wars begin during peak sunspots. Why are there wars near the times of sunspot peaks? Since the time when sunspots were first regularly observed in the 18th century people have found correlations between their occurrence and earthly events, but because no physical mechanism was known to exist, the correlations were usually discounted.

Now we know some of the physical links. Sunspots are usually associated with solar flares, giant bursts of x-rays and particles (mostly electrons and protons) from the Sun which stream out into space at speeds of up to one million miles per hour. When space probes were sent up from Earth in the 60’s it was discovered that the space around Earth was not empty; but was filled with these streams of particles (called the solar wind) radiating from the Sun.

These streams of particles are deflected from hitting the surface of Earth by Earth’s magnetic field, but in the process the magnetic field is disturbed. When Earth’s magnetic field rapidly changes, due to an increase in the flux of solar particles, there are often changes in the weather, changes in chemical reactions on the surface of Earth, and changes in human behavior.

The changes in human behavior are apparently associated with changes in brain rhythms and hormones produces by rapid fluctuations in the geomagnetic field.

Another explanation is possibly related to changes in water. I found that I could point a section of a stove pipe on a tripod, aim it at the Sun, Moon, or visible planets, and ‘collect’ some kind of emanations in a glass of water hung at end of a funnel attached to the stove pipe. The treated water tasted differently when radiated by different planets and sometimes produced psycho-physiological effects.

When the water was drunken one time I felt violently angry after drinking the water that had been exposed to the Sun and new Moon for twenty minutes. I carried out observations for over ten years. This unusual research was inspired by the research of Wilhelm Reich on cloud busters and on many friends.


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