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NASA’s First Planetary Defense Technology Demonstration to Collide with Asteroid in 2022

SOLARSYSTEM.NASA.GOV The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) – NASA’s first mission to demonstrate a planetary defense technique – will get one chance to hit its target, the small moonlet in the binary asteroid system Didymos. The asteroid poses no threat to Earth and is an ideal test target: measuring the change in how the smaller asteroid orbits about the larger asteroid in a binary system is much easier than observing the change in a single asteroid’s orbit around the Sun. Work is ramping up at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics…

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Human Response Space Weather 

Russian mathematician recognized for space weather research

Tatiana Podladchikova, an applied mathematician from Russia, has been honored with the Chizhevsky Medal for her space weather research. RBTH.COM She developed a number of services to forecast solar activity and prevent space accidents. Russian mathematician Tatiana Podladchikova was presented with the International Alexander Chizhevsky Medal for Space Weather and Space Climate. “We seek to understand the essence of the phenomena that we observe in space because they are intricately connected with our plans on Earth,” said Dr. Podladchikova. Space weather research is primarily aimed at studying phenomena that can impact space and terrestrial…

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