Magnitude-4.2 Earthquake hits North of Oklahoma City

A magnitude-4.2 earthquake hit north of Oklahoma City early Friday, the latest in a series of quakes that have rattled the state at an increasing rate in the past few years. There was no immediate word of injuries or damage after the quake hit around 5:40 a.m. Friday near Edmond, Okla. The quake

Do Solar Flares Trigger Earthquakes?

First let us pose the science question we wish to answer: do solar flares cause earthquakes? Note that this is more specific than asking ‘is there a relationship between solar activity and earthquakes?’. First of all, solar activity can mean flares, or coronal mass ejections, or bursts of solar wind.

Solar Maximum & Earth’s Weakening Magnetic Field

Alex Ansary - February 25th, 2009 Introduction New scientific discoveries are indicating that this next solar flare cycle could potentially be powerful enough to disrupt our planet’s entire electric grid. In this report, I will document the number of changes taking place with our magnetic field, the sun and our solar system