Solar Cycles & Earth’s Weakening Magnetic Field (audio narration and full report)

Solar flares affect our reality especially when our earth's magnetic field weakens and during periods of solar maximum. The Sun influences the planet, humans, and every living thing. When it changes, we change inside and out. RESHARED AND NARRATED BY KYLE REARDEN OF THE THELASTBASTILLE.COM. Today’s article was published in Nexus Magazine’s April-May 2009 issue and

Solar system 2.0 found 10 light-years away

DNAINDIA.COM A planetary system located just 10.5 light-years away is remarkably similar to our solar system, scientists have found. NASA discovered a new solar system like our own, just 10 light years away from here.— Bryan Martínez. (@bryanmgon) May 3, 2017 The system is a prime location to research how planets form

The Sun is eerily quiet right now

SCIENCE ALERT NASA has released images showing a strangely spotless Sun this month, with hardly a mark on its surface. It's the lowest level of solar activity we've seen since 2011, even though the Sun is only halfway through its 11-year cycle, and five years off its solar minimum. But for some

Solar flare threatens Earth with killer cosmic rays

DAILY MAIL Solar storms are caused by violent eruptions called coronal holes – which appear on the surface on the sun.These explosions send deadly solar particles hurtling towards Earth. Experts believe a big enough flare could wipe out satellites and power lines, bringing an end to modern civilisation as we know it