Geomagnetic Storms and Mental Disturbances

Last week on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 the Sun blasted us with a direct hit from a powerful solar flare that wiped out a huge amount of radio communication, according to NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center. Mike Wall of writes: “The Wednesday flare registered as an X2.2 sun storm on

The impact of solar flares on the human mood and psyche

COMMUNITIES DIGITAL NEWS With last weeks strong solar activity, maybe it is time to wear tin foil on our heads. With high electromagnetic activity from the sun coming this way, our human electromagnetic fields may start glowing. Even if we do not begin incandescing, scientists have noticed correlations between solar flares and

Blame It On the Sun: Solar Flares, Humans & Violence

For centuries, people have embraced the idea/truth that the MOON, indeed, has many effects on the behavior of Humankind. However, it has come to light (non pun intended) that the Sun has an equal or more powerful effect on Humankind behavior. SOURCE   Blame It On the Sun: Solar Flares, Humans & Violence — LDC Management

Geomagnetic Storms and the Link to Suicide & Depression

Solar flare radiation plays havoc on human behavior, along with the power grids, communication systems, and navigation satellites. Researchers have found correlations between mood swings, depression and suicides when solar flare radiation is present. Michael Berk of the University of Melbourne has found a link between the suicide rate and increase